1. Great Ways to Celebrate July 4th with Kids

    The Fourth of July holiday is a great excuse to relax and spend time with your family and friends. And you do not need to go all the way out to make it memorable for the kids. For all the fun after-school programs in the world, kids love holidays no matter how uneventful you make them. However, ther…Read More

  2. Why Interaction Is Important for Infants

    At no other time in your child's life is their capacity to learn and absorb information from the environment greater. Interaction bridges contact between infants and the world around them. At Premier Christian Academy in Murphy, we understand how much an infant needs interaction and how crucial this…Read More

  3. Group of toddlers playing together

    The Benefits of Routine in the Toddler Stage

    Toddlers benefit from routine. During this stage of development, a toddler’s mind is learning from the structures around them. They begin to see patterns and learn to understand what they can expect from the world around them. At Premier Christian Academy in Murphy, TX, our toddler program emphasi…Read More

  4. Three girls sitting on sandpit playing with bucket and spade

    The Importance of Play in Preschool

    Incorporating play in all aspects of learning is essential for a child’s healthy development. At Premier Christian Academy Preschool in Murphy, we understand the importance of play in preschool to provide a solid foundation for learning. We incorporate play in all aspects of our learning and provi…Read More

  5. How Pre-Kindergarten Teaches Kids Foundational Skills

    Pre-kindergarten is an exciting time in your child’s life. It sets up the foundation of success so they are ready to enter kindergarten! Our Premiere Christian Academy pre-kindergarten in Murphy emphasizes academic and social readiness, so your child can get a head start for a future of success. I…Read More

  6. Teacher and children engaging with tablet.

    4 Benefits of Sending Your Kids To Before-And-After School Care

    Before and after school care can be a lifeline for parents. We know how important it is to have a safe place for your children to go both before and after school hours. Providing a safe, nurturing environment can provide many benefits for you and your child. Here at the Premier Christian Academy, ou…Read More

  7. Best Extracurricular Activities for Kids

    Best Extracurricular Activities for Kids

    Activities provide opportunities for children to learn, develop, and discover new interests. Extracurricular activities can expose your child to new sports or activities they may never have thought about trying before. It creates a safe space for them to grow and develop a sense of passion and enjoy…Read More

  8. Why Gardening Is Good for Kids

    Spring has finally sprung, which means it’s time to head out to the garden! Here at Premier Christian Academy, we believe that gardening is one of the best ways to keep children active and engaged during the springtime; that’s why gardening is on the schedule of springtime activities that we org…Read More

  9. 7 Mother’s Day Books for Kids

    Here at Premier Christian Academy, we believe that a lifelong love of reading begins at an early age, and that there’s no better occasion than a holiday to break out an extra special children’s book and gather your kiddos close. In this blog post, we share seven of our favorite Mother’s Day bo…Read More

  10. Why It’s Okay to Let Your Child Cry

    As parents, we only want the best for our children. We want them to be happy, find their purpose, and be successful at whatever they want to do. We enroll them in extracurricular activities, such as soccer and gymnastics, so they can discover if they like it or not. We sacrifice our time to invest i…Read More