At Premier Christian Academy, we believe that it’s never too early to prepare your young one for a lifetime of learning. That’s why all of our programs, from our infant daycare to our after-school program for children up to age 12, utilize the renowned Abeka Curriculum. All children are a gift from God, and they deserve a curriculum as remarkable as they are.

Abeka believes that comprehensive early childhood education not only entails the development of school skills but also the development of character. By coupling Christian pedagogy with a standard of academic excellence, Abeka can set your child up to live a moral, spiritual, and intellectual life. Whether your child wants to become an engineer, an artist, or anything else their heart desires, Abeka can help get them there. 

With Abeka, your child will learn all about the world through professionally illustrated workbooks, stories, and plenty of hands-on activities, such as coloring, singing, puppetry, and more! We’re confident that your child will come home from daycare eager to share their new knowledge, whether it be about scripture, shapes, holidays or any of the many other topics that Abeka covers. Enroll your child in a preschool that they actually look forward to attending. Get in touch with us now!