Sending your child to preschool can be an agonizing decision, especially if your child did not attend day care. You have no doubt your child will learn, grow, and begin to discover himself or herself at a structured preschool environment. However, you are unsure about a preschool program due to trust. How can you trust your child with strangers? Premier Christian Academy in Northlake and Murphy, Texas, helps to banish this fear with our highly-qualified staff who care for your child like his or her own. All of our preschool staff undergo a thorough vetting process, as well as a background check so you can be sure your child is in the best hands (other than your own). With care and compassion, your child will thrive. Below, we’ll expound on some of the many benefits of preschool for your child, and contact us today for a tour of our school!


  1. Promotes early learning. Children are programmed to absorb an incredible amount of information during the preschool years. This was originally necessary for survival, but nowadays, it’s necessary for success in your child’s school career. Your preschool child’s language skills will increase as he or she is exposed to classroom discussions, thought-provoking questions, and read-aloud books. His or her math skills will increase as games are incorporated that count objects or money, as well as matching numbers and putting items in sequence. Literacy will be prominent as your preschool child sings the alphabet and begins to learn the phonetics of the English language.
  2. Helps to develop social and emotional skills. When preschool children get together, there will be conflicts as children struggle to understand and process large concepts, such as sharing, gratitude, helpfulness, and self-control. When your child’s emotions run high and he or she degenerates into a cry fest, the preschool teacher will step in and model and show how to deal with feelings of anger or frustration in a constructive way.
  3. Helps foster curiosity. When your child has questions about the wide-world, the preschool teacher will lead him or her to discover answers to those questions. Imagination is encouraged and fostered with preschool games, stories, and preschool crafts.

At Premier Christian Academy, our preschool program builds upon the foundation established in our toddler program your child begins to build structure in vocabulary, functional numerical skills, reasoning, and social development among many other skills. Students receive an introduction to education in science, technology, math, and art. Your child’s progress is tracked and monitored to ensure that your child grasps the concepts that are placed in front of them. Your child will learn through having a structured format in learning through lesson plans and routine. During these important years your child will begin to develop emotional intelligence and learn social skills that will last a lifetime.

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