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Infant and Baby Care in Northlake

Our infant care program is available for babies who are six weeks to 12 months of age. Enrolling your child in daycare as early as possible is a great way to teach them how to interact with others in a positive and safe environment. At Premier Christian Academy, we prioritize the development of cognitive, emotional, and social skills for all of the infants in our care, as well as providing them with a healthy routine full of age-appropriate games, tactile learning, and all the love and attention that they need to flourish during these pivotal early years of their life.

Toddler Care in Northlake

Our toddler program in Northlake, Texas is for children  between the ages of one and two-and-a-half years of age. Each day at our toddler program, your child will learn essential academic, social, emotional, and moral skills, all based on the world-famous Abeka curriculum. Enrolling your toddler in daycare is a great way to promote their communication skills and language development, provide them with a stable daily routine, and start preparing them as soon as possible for the school years ahead.

Preschool in Northlake

Premier Christian Academy in Northlake is the Fort Worth area’s top Christian preschool, offering a God-centered curriculum that can help instill your three-year-old with the social, emotional, and academic skills that they need for a life of success. Our preschool program includes an array of different fun and educational activities, such as pre-math and literacy classes, arts and crafts story time, structured indoor and outdoor play, and much more. By fostering your child’s curiosity, we will help them discover what it is that drives them, and encourage them to pursue their interests and talents from a young age.

Pre-Kindergarten in Northlake

Are you searching for a reputable pre-K program in the Fort Worth area? Look no further than Premier Christian Academy! Our pre-kindergarten program aims to help four-year-olds develop the academic, social, and emotional skills that they need to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. We use the Abeka curriculum, which focuses strongly on reading and math skills, to teach children phonics, basic math, and introductory history, social studies, and science, as well as providing them with a biblical worldview. When you enroll your child in pre-K at Premier Christian Academy in Northlake, you can rest assured that they are getting the high-quality early childhood education that our childcare center has come to be known for.

Before- and After-School Care in Northlake

If you work early or late in the day, before- and after-school care can be a lifeline. Our before- and after-school program provides a safe, fun, and nurturing environment for children between the ages of five and 12 years to maximize their learning and meet new friends during the hours outside of school. Our before- and after-school educators go beyond just homework help to teach your child new skills and lessons that will help them both in and outside of school. They also provide children with a safe, supervised place to engage in physical activity, rather than just sit in front of a screen. Whether you’re in need of before- and after-school care because of your job or you simply want to keep your child stimulated throughout the day, our before- and after-school program in Northlake offers the perfect solution.

Extracurricular Classes in Northlake

At Premier Christian Academy, we believe that learning is something that shouldn’t be confined to school hours. With our extracurricular programming in Northlake, you can ensure that your child stays engaged and active all day long thanks to an array of different fun and educational activities, including art, computers, storytelling, and much more! In our art studio classes, children ages one year and up can explore their creativity and learn self-expression through guided art projects. In the computer lab, students ages three and up will learn vital computer skills with interactive educational programs. Our extracurricular classes also include regular visits by outside educators, such as professional puppeteers and storytellers, to help expand growing minds while also having fun!