Leaving your infant for the first time can be very emotional. It’s hard to trust someone with the care of your most precious possession(s) in the world. At Premier Christian Academy, you can rest assured that your infant is in the best of hands. Besides screening all of our caregivers by thoroughly vetting their references and performing background checks, we ensure our caregivers nurture and love your infant like their own. Only when infants feel safe will their minds be open to learning. Below, we list the top three reasons for infant care. Contact us today to learn more!


  1. Better readiness for school. At Premier Christian Academy, your child will most likely be exposed at an earlier age to early learning activities, from extensive interaction with care providers, top-notch support, and cognitive-boosting activities such as storytime and circle time. Your infant will also learn how to interact with other infants their age as well as how to take direction from adults.
  2. Pushed beyond their comfort zone. As infants learn and grow, they will be exposed to events and conflicts outside their realm of experience, and they will have to learn to navigate new situations almost every day. Your infant will learn how to problem-solve, share, and play and learn alongside others. Learning that the world does not revolve around them is a life-long struggle that is best begun early.
  3. Have fun! Your infant will eventually look forward to coming to Premier Christian Academy because he or she has fun. We do our best to make story time engaging, to play age-appropriate games that incorporate learning skills such as counting, colors, and shapes, and to offer lots of opportunities for free play and time outdoors to explore nature. We believe in stimulating all of the senses, including tactile learning.

Premier Christian Academy is your go-to for infant care in Northlake and Murphy, Texas. We serve you and by taking care of your infant like he or she were our own, we serve God as well.

At Premier Christian Academy, we take the love and care of every child very personally. We understand that infants need different care than older children, and we know the difficulty that parents face being separated from their baby while they go to work. This is why our teachers are trained to love and nurture the infants in their care with love and gentleness.

Our professional infant care givers all have a nurturing side to them and provide babies hours of being held or rocked in a rocking chair, while the teachers sing songs and talk to your baby. Although nurturing your infant is our primary goal in our infant nurseries we also understand the importance of beginning to build the strong foundation that your baby will need to begin to build a strong mind that is ready to learn as he/she gets older. Studies by Harvard, Duke, and Birkbeck University of London all agree that from the time a child is born to 3 years old important synapsis are being formed within a child’s brain that is crucial to learning up to 15 years old and beyond. While at Premier Christian Academy your baby will have a daily routine that nurtures your child and prepares them for learning in our older classrooms.

Call today to schedule your private tour of our infant nursery and see how Premier Christian Academy can make the a significant difference in you and your child’s life today and into the future!


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