Our Students at Premier Christian Academy absolutely love the extracurricular activities that are offered to them, and better yet parent’s love these extracurricular activities because they are included within your child’s tuition. Some of the activities include the following:

  • Art studio – students from 1 years old and up spend time in the studio every day exploring their creative minds through guided art projects and activities.
  • Computer lab – students 3 years old and up spend time in the studio every day learning in our computer lab with interactive educational programs
  • Professional puppeteers – children are treated with professional puppeteers who interact with the students to expand their minds.
  • Professional story tellers – children learn from story time acted out by our professional story tellers who interact with the children to continue to expand children’s creativity and build upon their ability to tell stories as they engage with the days story.
  • Air castle – Students always love to have the bouncy castle appear, they love to bounce around and simply have a great time with their teachers and friends.

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