The toddler program at Premier Christian Academy emphasizes care and growth of your child. All children are children of God, and we treat all of the toddlers under our care as our own. Our toddler teachers are all carefully screened, including undergoing a background check. Their compassion and caring shine through in all the early childhood educational activities. From song and dance to clay, art, and stories, your toddler will be exposed to many of the foundations of learning. Below, we’ll list the top three benefits of toddler care, and contact us today if you are interested!


  1. Social interaction. At Premier Christian Academy, our early learning activities are focused on social interaction and learning. Toddlers will interact with other toddlers their age in focused activities, such as play time, dance, and music. They will learn how to share, how to react and work through conflicts, and how to form friendships. Toddlers also benefit from interaction with other adults, which helps your toddler be comfortable with being left in the care of other adults.
  2. Schedule and routine. Toddlers benefit from routine. They will learn to expect certain things in their life with gives them a sense of stability, which is necessary for mental and physical well-being. Having a routine schedule has been shown to help with sleep patterns (and thus growing patterns), cognition skills, and a better overall diet, which helps with childhood obesity.
  3. Academic preparation. Toddlers are like sponges, absorbing all early learning activities and literacy skills as easily as language skills. Enrolling your toddler in our early learning program at Premier Christian Academy will help your child develop the necessary skills, such as basic math concepts, phonetics, and a solid worldview that will prepare them for Pre-k and kindergarten.

Premier Christian Academy is your go-to for early childhood education. Using the Abeka curriculum, your child will be exposed to the smallest creatures such as worms to the biggest concepts such as households and governments. Our toddler programs are created to provide your toddler the opportunity to physically and mentally explore their world in and out of the classroom. Structured activities are introduced to facilitate a strong sense of learning in your child. Such activities include, but are not limited to circle time, learning centers, blocks, puzzles, and science tables. Toddlers also continue their exploration of learning through concepts of color and size, and continue to build upon their vocabulary while they also discover numbers, artistic creativity, dance and music. Your toddler will learn about the world around them and are allowed to explore their world physically, emotionally and mentally through science, social studies, and structured play.

Our Toddler Program has been professionally designed to bring learning to life for your child. Our teachers interact with your child in a way that comfortably pushes them to expand their minds while aiding them to build a strong confidence within themselves.

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