The ages of three and four are some of the cutest ages. The terrible twos are over, and your child probably lives in a fantastical and imaginative world. This is the time of dress up, pushing their doll in a stroller, and building forts just to knock them down. Developmental milestones include longer sentences, story-telling, copying objects and letters, and catching a ball most of the time. These are formative years that parents can harness to set the stage for a successful academic future.

Premier Academy in Northlake and serving Grapevine, Roanoke, Trophy Club, and the surrounding area offers the best preschool daycare center. We focus on building a solid foundation for future learning, stressing structure, social development, and basic academic skills in the 3 R’s. We utilize the world-renown Abeka preschool curriculum that focuses on teaching your preschooler their numbers, phonics, and language development. Contact us today!


  1. Preschool Curriculum. Early literacy and early number skills are foundational for a successful school career. The earlier a child can read, the earlier he or she can absorb information from a wealth of sources. Is the curriculum tailored for individual learning needs, such as tactile learners who need to hold a preschool book or use math manipulatives, or auditory learners, which would include lessons set to music and singing? Is the focus on well-rounded children, which would include all subjects, such as music, arts and crafts, reading aloud, writing activities, language experiences, sensory play, and science experiments?
  2. Emotional/behavior development. Ask your preschool how your child will interact and play with the other kids in his or her class. Imaginative play, physical play such as a playground, and discipline in the classroom are all key to your child’s success. Is the student-to-teacher ratio small enough to enable individual attention when needed?
  3. Self-directed learning. Are preschoolers allowed free time to play with whatever they want or do a learning activity of their own choosing? Are there varied group sizes? How much one-on-one time do the students have with the teacher? Making choices at a preschool age for preschool activities helps develop cognitive and social skills down the road.
  4. Values. We at Premier Academy are a Christian preschool. We teach Bible stories, pray in the classroom, and discuss God and His creation. Our character development is also Christian-based.
  5. Nurturing environment. Three and four-year-olds form strong bonds with those they spend a lot of time with, including teachers. Positive, nurturing environments with a caring and committed staff and certified teachers contribute to cognitive advancement in preschool. When you tour the preschool, do you hear laughter? See smiles? Notice hugs and other gestures of comfort and encouragement?

Premier Academy in Northlake believes it’s never too early to introduce your child to a structured learning environment. Studies have shown that kids who attend a high-quality preschool do better throughout their academic careers, get higher paying jobs when they graduate, and are less likely to do drugs or engage in criminal behavior.

We encourage all prospective parents to schedule a tour to see for themselves our preschool classrooms, learning environments, and, if possible, our classes in action. The best way to get a feel for a preschool daycare and to see if your child is a right fit is to tour the facility during class hours, ask questions, and envision if your child would flourish. Contact Premier Academy Northlake today!