In our on-going blog series, we’ve been discussing the best books for preschoolers. Preschool books are so important because they not only offer rich learning opportunities for vocabulary and language development, but they also teach important life lessons along the way.

Premier Academy Northlake offers the best preschool curriculum in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. Excellence is our standard, and through our early childhood education program that involves preschool activities and preschool games, our preschoolers begin to learn their place in this world. In this blog post, we’ll review more preschool books to read to your child and some of which we use in the preschool classroom. Schedule a visit today!


  • How Do Dinosaurs? Series. Dinosaurs fascinate preschoolers, especially boys, to the point where you may have read every dinosaur book at the library. If you haven’t, then this is a series you need to pick up. With true-to-science illustrations of the dinosaurs, kids will follow dinosaurs as they make messes in the house, get into various kinds of trouble, break furniture, and many more things that kids do as well. Then the dinosaurs learn the correct behavior (usually at the hands of their human parents). Cute book all-around for everyone!
  • Llama Llama Red Pajama. When this first book in this series first came out, it was an instant success. There’s something quite endearing about a llama, and this one is just so cute, you can’t resist him! This first book (of which there are many more) tells how Little Llama calls for his mama at night because he’s scared. A beautiful rhyming book that is sure to be one of your preschooler’s favorites!
  • If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. This first book as well in what is now a very popular series goes through the scenario of what would happen if you give a mouse a cookie. Basically, every time you give the mouse something, he needs something else to go with it. A great tale to teach kids to be satisfied with what they have.
  • Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit books. Peter Rabbit has to be one of the most favorite and famous of all children’s books characters. We all know the story of how Peter Rabbit disobeys his mother, sneaks into the Farmer’s garden, and loses his shirt while almost being caught in the process. These books are pint-sized, which is perfect for little kids. Fun illustrations, beautiful tales of Peter Rabbit and his friends, and a great British sense of humor, these books are classics to be treasured always.

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