Stories have the ability to transport us to different worlds, to open our minds to what is possible, to give us a different perspective, to appreciate other cultures, and to realize how blessed we truly are in this world. When you read a story to a child, you give him or her all of these gifts and so much more. You give them permission to express themselves and to be who they are created to be, as they hear stories about boys and girls just like themselves.

Here at Premier Academy Northlake, we offer the best preschool program and preschool activities near Fort Worth. Our preschool program uses the world-renowned A beka curriculum to teach cognitive skills, social skills, numbers, letters, and phonics, as well as science, art, and geography. We incorporate all of the fundamentals into one cohesive program that will prepare children for kindergarten, using preschool games for both fun, enjoyment, and to aid in memory retention. We also believe in the power of reading to your children, so in this blog post, we’ll go over just a few of our favorite books for preschoolers. Contact us today for enrollment information or to schedule a free tour!


  • Dr. Seuss. It almost goes without saying that Dr. Seuss offers some of the best preschool books around that not only teach phonics, rhyme, and rhythm, but also teach about life. The Cat in the Hat is the quintessential Dr. Seuss book that introduces us to one of the most beloved characters of them all.
  • Mother Goose. Another set of classic literature for children, Mother Goose tales are vivid and fun, full of lovable and unique characters that will give children a sense of what life was like one hundred and fifty years ago. Animals come to life and eggs fall off walls. It doesn’t get much better than this!
  • Where the Wild Things Are. This book makes monsters cool and is sure to invoke a sense of peace into children anywhere who are afraid of monsters.
  • The Giving Tree. A somewhat controversial children’s classic, yet a subject that should not be ignored, The Giving Tree explores unconditional love as the tree gives and gives to the boy who takes and takes until it’s too late. The quintessential book of selflessness and learning where selfishness can lead.

These books are classics of children’s literature, and one simply cannot go through life without having read them multiple times. Simple, easy to understand, yet packed full of meaning that kids need to learn, the above preschool books are not to be missed.

Premier Academy Northlake offers the best preschool program near Fort Worth. In our preschool activities, we not only learn the basics (reading, writing, and arithmetic), but we learn about art, science, technology, and God. We focus on producing well-rounded children who have a smattering of knowledge in all areas, so as they grow, this smattering will grow as well, which classic children’s literature aid the teacher in doing. Contact us today to get started!