A baby is born with the capacity to learn and absorb enormous amounts of information — more than at any other stage in life. After all, survival is at stake; the quicker a baby (and all other animals for that matter) can adapt to life, the better chance he or she has for survival. Nowadays, most babies are born into loving homes, and the basic needs (food, clothing, and shelter) are provided. However, this is the stage to maximize learning. No other time in a child’s life are their capacity for languages, motor development, and personality greater as their brains make thousands of mental connections. Premier Academy Northlake near Fort Worth understands how crucial this stage is and how much an infant needs to feel loved and desired. Below, we’ll go over some tips to help your baby learn as much as possible, and if you need daycare for infants, contact us today!


  • Make your baby feel safe. A baby’s first concerns are basic: food, warmth, and love. When your baby subconsciously knows he or she is taken care of and loved, he or she can focus on learning about life.
  • Read to your baby from day one (or before). A baby learns language by hearing and repeating. The more you read, the faster your child will learn. Furthermore, if you pick repetition books, your child will learn those words quicker. If you choose classic story books, your child will automatically begin to pick up the idea of a story, which is important for all facets of life.
  • Choose interactive toys to develop motor skills. Your baby will also use his or her sense of touch more now than ever to learn about the world around. You’ll notice this because your baby will want to touch everything — your face, the cat, the blanket, toys, the bottle, and food once it’s introduced. He or she will also learn all about gravity as food is repeatedly dropped on the floor just for the sheer pleasure of watching it fall (invest in a dog if you don’t already have one who will love your baby till the end of time because of this!).
  • Be on your best behavior. Your baby will spend almost all of his or her early days either sleeping (and growing) or watching you. Parents are the center of their child’s world, and nothing will escape them. They will pick up on your raised voice, your tone of voice, your emotions, and how you treat others. You have a profound influence on who your child will be in this world — be the idol your baby will always believe you to be no matter what.

Premier Academy Northlake in Fort Worth puts a focus on nurturing your infant, holding them, rocking them, and soothing them. We want them to feel safe and happy in our care as they begin to make those connections about the world around them. We focus on story-telling, language, and once he or she is crawling, helping him or her to interact with other children. Our goal is not to overwhelm your infant, but to balance enough stimulation with time to process and rest. If you’re in need of a daycare that fosters early learning, contact us today!