is preschool right for your child

Now that your toddler is three, you are wondering whether you should put your child in preschool. After all, these are the most formative years for your child so you want to make them count. You’ve heard about the benefits of preschool, but you are still unsure.

Premier Academy Northlake is an early learning center with a preschool program near Fort Worth. We offer infant care up through Pre-K school, as well as before and after school care for older kids and extracurricular activities. We understand how hard it is to trust the care of your child to someone else. In this blog post, we’ll go over what you should consider when deciding if preschool is right for your child. Contact us today to learn more!


We at Premier Academy Northlake cannot offer up a definitive answer to your question. As with everything in life, there are pros and cons, and what will work for one child may not work for another. Below, we’ll list some trade offs of preschool.

Difficult Schedule Versus Preparation for School

When your child attends preschool, there is a definite schedule he or she must adhere to. For three or four hours a day, every day school is in session, your child will be in school. If this is the morning, you all have to get up early and get ready. If this is the afternoon, you’ll have to forego leisurely naps in lieu of school. As toddlers, your child needs 10 to 14 hours of sleep as he or she grows. When you have to wake children up or skip a nap, they can not only become irritable, but it can also affect their mood and how they function if they are not sleeping enough.

On the other hand, getting up for school and attending a structured environment is what your child will be doing for many, many years. You can prepare him or her adequately by having them get used to schedules. They will also get used to being away from you, which will make the transition to kindergarten much smoother.

Exposure to Germs

When kids are around other kids, especially toddlers, they spread germs quite easily. Despite the reassurances from your child’s prospective preschool that all toys and such are wiped down at the end of every day, your child will still get sick more frequently just being around other kids.

Teaching Moments Versus Structured Learning

At preschool, your child will be taught a set preschool curriculum, which can include letters, phonics, numbers, science, history, art, and music. At home, you may teach them some structured preschool curriculum, but just being with your toddler who finds everything fascinating at his or her age yields the best “ah-ha” moments of them all.


If you do decide that preschool is right for your child, we’d love to have them. We use the Abeka preschool Christian curriculum to teach our students vocabulary, functional numerical skills, reasoning, science, technology, math, and art. In addition, we stress social development and encourage our kids to learn from one another as well. Visit Premier Academy Northlake for a tour today!