When children are young, they often don’t know what they are interested in, mainly because they have no tactile knowledge of what the said activity is. Some children jump in eagerly, ready to try any activity you suggest. Other children are reticent; in essence, scared of the unknown of the activity.

Premier Academy Northlake near Fort Worth, Texas, understands how extracurricular activities can be challenging for some and pure joy for others. In this blog post, we’re going to explore the importance of extracurricular activities in your child’s life.


  1. Explore interests. Extracurricular activities expose children to new sports, activities, and events they may never have thought of doing before. Sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, and gymnastics allow children to determine which sports they want to play (or don’t want to play). Art classes allow children to express themselves creatively. Swim classes build the important and life-saving skill of swimming. Chess club exposes kids to the challenges of beating opponents with their minds. Building dinosaurs allows a child to explore the art of creating with his or her hands. Like most activities in life, kids won’t know if they like something until they try it.
  2. Learn life skills. When your child engages in activities outside of a school setting, he or she will learn social skills as well and, in fact, extracurricular activities may be even more foundational since the hierarchy of authority has been removed, enabling kids to be themselves. Shy kids might open up more. Loud kids might pay more attention. Life skills such as teamwork and leadership development are built through extracurricular activities.
  3. Community service. Getting kids off social media and engaging with the world is extremely challenging. When your child engages with the community, he or she will learn there is more to life than their circle of friends. They will also put less credence in what their friends think of them when they are validated through the empowering feeling of helping others.
  4. Break from school and life. Let’s face it: extracurricular activities are fun! Playing games with friends, competing against others, creating a dragon from clay, painting a pet, or riding a bike to the grocery store are all activities that engage your child’s mental faculties in new ways, which form neuron connections and grow your child in numerous ways. After a long day at school, soccer practice or walking the dog provides your child with much needed mental breaks and down time, relieving stress, anxiety, or tension from the day.

Premier Academy Northlake in northern Fort Worth, TX, offers extracurricular classes, such as art, computer, puppeteers, and story-telling, all designed to grow your child in fun and exciting ways. Our extracurricular classes help to build friendships, explore new activities, and have fun outside the classroom.

We also offer before and after-school care, which also offers extracurricular activities and focuses on strengthening connections from the school day. This more structured environment helps kids with homework, as well as more focused team-building exercises. Both our extracurricular and before and after-school care programs are excellent ways to prepare your child for the challenges life faces. Contact Premier Academy Northlake today for more information!