Premier Academy Northlake aims to be the best Christian school in the greater Fort Worth area, serving Northlake, Westlake, Elizabethtown, Roanoke, and other nearby communities. We offer care for infants through PreK as well as afterschool care, before school care, and extracurricular activities for older kids. Our mission is to prepare your child for elementary school through giving them a solid foundation in vocabulary, numerical skills, reasoning, and social development. Students receive an introduction to the major subjects taught in school, including science, technology, math, and art. Below, we’ll briefly outline what we offer as well as invite you to schedule a tour to see our amazing teachers and students in action! Contact us today!


  • Infant program. Infants are held and nurtured at Premier Academy Northlake. We sing songs, tell stories, and talk a lot, explaining every little thing to the infants in our care. We understand how infants are like sponges, and we do our best to fill their minds at a young age with Bible-based lessons.
  • Toddler program. Our toddler program is all about supporting the growth of your child as he or she explores the world. From reading stories to making clay and explaining animals, Premier Academy Northlake focuses on building vocabulary while filling your child with enriching activities such as art, dance, and music.
  • Preschool program. Preschoolers are ready to learn about complicated subjects such as astronomy to fun topics such as why the sky is blue. We focus on building social skills and introducing periods of classroom time in preparation for our PreK program.
  • Pre-Kindergarten program. Premier Academy’s Northlake focus for our Pre-Kindergarten program is preparing your child to enter kindergarten. Using the A beka curriculum, students will begin to learn letters and phonics instruction, have lessons in history, social studies, and science, and be taught about the world from a Biblical point-of-view. A strong foundation in the core subjects and instilling a love of learning is our goal for those in PreK.
  • Before and after school. Our before and after school program is designed to support your school-age child in his or her regular elementary school. We offer homework help and promote collaborative learning with the goal of having the kids form friendships and build on social skills. We listen attentively to what the children ask and try to provide a supportive environment — a place for kids to unwind after a long, tiring day at school.
  • Extracurricular activities. Premier Academy Northlake recognizes the need for quality extracurricular activities for kids. Hence, we’ve developed programs that are not only informative, but are also super fun. These include Art Studio, computer lab, professional puppeteers, professional story tellers, and an air castle to unleash pent up energy.

Premier Academy Northlake cares about the greatest gift from God — kids. We are passionate about sharing the Word and the world with your children, and being able to share with them how the world works and their unique place in the world is magic for our teachers and staff. Our personnel work diligently and compassionately to provide a strong, supportive learning environment for your children as they discover their place in this world. Contact us today for a tour!