Some people believe all education is the same. Children learn the same subjects and the same information just in different ways. Premier Academy Northlake near Fort Worth begs to differ. A Christian education is distinct in many ways from a secular education. In this blog post, we’ll go over just a few of the differences. Contact us today to get started!


  • God is first. In a secular education, more emphasis is placed on the person and how human observations are the basis of reality. This is seen very prevalently with the theory of evolution. However, in a Christian education, God is the center of all things, the creator of all things, and the originator of all things. As the Alpha and the Omega, all things begin and end with Him. His word is first; His laws are first.
  • Morals and values take center stage. In a secular education, emphasis is placed on character development in a child. This entails learning how to be honest, have integrity, tell the truth, and put others first. There are gray areas sometimes in right and wrong, depending on the situation and how someone is “feeling.” In a Christian education, there is a definitive right and wrong as set forth by God and the Bible. Sin is sin; there are consequences; circumstances don’t matter.
  • Material items fade away. In secular education, tangible items and objects are the focus. Subject such as business and money, matter and molecules, and people and their issues are relevant. In a Christian education, spiritual matters are much more important, such as the work you do, not what you can buy from the money you earn from the work.
  • There is purpose and meaning. A secular education shies away from teaching that everything in this world has a purpose, including children. A Christian education teaches that all things have purpose, and a child is put here on this planet for God’s purpose, not his or her own purpose. A secular education shies away from teaching any kind of meaning to happenings in this world. A Christian education teaches children that God is in control of all things so children don’t have to worry about anything with faith.
  • The ultimate goal is transformation. Like Jesus’ transfiguration, the goal of a Christian education is to transform children into the image of Christ. A secular education focuses on making you a better person, more effective, and more successful. A secular education wants children to fit into the world. A Christian education wants children to learn to be above this world with an eye towards Heaven. A secular education wants to inform the mind; a Christian education wants to renew the mind.

Premier Academy Northlake near Fort Worth offers a Christian education in all of our programs, from infant up through the 8th grade for our before and after school program. We have chosen the Abeka curriculum, a comprehensive Christian education curriculum that we believe teaches Biblical values in a challenging, comprehensive way. Children will receive a firm foundation of a Christian perspective in all subjects, including English, math, science, health, history, geography, and electives.

Premier Academy Northlake near Fort Worth is the best Christian daycare, offering infant, toddler, preschool, prek, before and after school care, and extracurricular activities. Contact us today to schedule a tour!