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Kids Sports, Art, Bible Study and More in Northlake & Murphy

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Fun Activities for Kids, Toddlers, and Infants

At Premier Christian Academy, we know that high-quality childcare entails so much more than supervising young people while their caregivers are at work. That’s why all of our early childhood education programs — front infant care all the way up to our extracurricular clubs and classes — feature a wide range of activities that are educational, fun, and aimed at promoting the healthy development of your child’s social, emotional, and physical skills. When you choose Premier Christian Academy as your childcare provider in the Fort Worth area, you choose an early learning center that is committed to helping your little one develop the well-rounded, passionate, and moral character that they need to succeed not only in school but in life. On this page, you’ll find information about some of the many activities that we offer at our Dallas-Fort Worth daycare, from sports, to art, and so much more.


(6 weeks to 12 months)

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(1 to 2 ½ years of age)

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(3 years of age)

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(4 years of age)

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(5 TO 12 years of age)

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Academic Learning

We believe that a lifelong love of learning starts at an early age, which is why academic lessons are a fundamental part of all of our childcare programs. At Premier Christian Academy, we use the award-winning Abeka curriculum to provide children with a Christian early childhood education that will set them on the path towards academic excellence. Thanks to Abeka, your child will learn how to develop a biblical worldview while also discovering a wide range of subjects, including math, reading, Spanish, and more. From basic numbers and colors for preschoolers to extracurricular writing classes and homework help for school-age children, our academic programming has everything your child needs for a lifetime of academic success.

Bible Study

Unlike secular daycares, we provide the children in our care with a Christian education that will help not only their academic development, but also their moral one. We use the Abeka curriculum to introduce young people to Scripture through varied formats such as workbooks, stories, hands-on activities, games, and much more. Our Bible study programming goes beyond traditional Sunday schools to offer daily classes on Scripture in a compelling, child-friendly manner. Providing children with Christian role models from the Bible helps them develop core values and encourages the formation of spiritual practices, such as daily prayer.

Grounding children’s formative years in God’s teachings also equips them to better handle secular ideas that they will likely encounter as they grow. It strengthens their resolve in Christ, and teaches them to live a righteous life. If you’re tired of mealtime grace being your child’s only exposure to Christ, then turn to Premier Christian Academy. We believe that learning about Jesus shouldn’t just be for Christmas, but a year-round endeavour.

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Indoor Play

Our Northlake and Murphy childcare facilities are equipped with everything your little one needs to have the time of their life, rain or shine. We incorporate daily play into our schedule because we know that it does so much more than just allow children to have fun. Again and again, studies have shown that play is essential for healthy physical, mental, social, and emotional childhood development. In addition to motor and creativity skills, play teaches infants, toddlers, and young children healthy conflict resolution and empathy, as they will learn how to share with and consider the needs of others. They will also learn how to identify and respond to their own emotions and how to respond appropriately in situations that may affect others. When it comes to play and learning accessories, no childcare facility in the Fort Worth area compares! From blocks, to plush animals, to interactive toys, the Premier Christian Academy toy collection is sure to amaze!

Outdoor Play

When the weather permits, we also provide the children in our care with daily outdoor play. We have multiple playgrounds and jungle gyms for children of all ages, featuring slides, climbing walls, bridges, rings, bars, and so much more. Outdoor play provides children with a great outlet to let off some steam and develop their fitness skills, while also letting their imagination soar. It can improve their gross motor skills and help prevent childhood obesity. It also gives children a sense of independence that indoor and guided play simply cannot offer, by providing them with a place to roam free and engage with the natural world around them. Our playground area features soft, kid-friendly turf and inflatable bounce houses to help prevent injuries.

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technology lab

Learning how to properly use technology is one of the most important skills that children should get out of early childhood education. Technology skills are something that will undoubtedly help your child throughout their entire life, so the sooner they can master them the better. Today, more and more jobs are requiring high and medium tech capabilities, meaning that if you want to set your child up for success, then you need to get them on a computer as soon as possible.

Our cutting-edge technology lab features everything that young people need in order to learn how to use technology. With our technology lab, your child will get hands-on experience with one of our many classroom computers, and learn the basics of skills such as coding, typing, virtual collaboration, problem-solving, creative thinking, and much more. We also incorporate technology into our academic programming, by providing the children in our care with fun and education software on subjects such as math, reading, and Spanish.

Art Studio

No early childhood education curriculum is complete without art! In our art studio, we provide age-appropriate art activities for children ages one and up, from finger-painting for toddlers to drawing classes for school-age children. Every day, your child will spend time in our fully-equipped art studio working on guided projects and activities, including arts and crafts, clay, painting, and so much more. 

Our art programming promotes many areas of healthy childhood development, including motor skills, visual processing, self-esteem, and self-expression, just to name a few. By learning how to “think outside the box,” your child will develop creativity, imagination, and a sense of wonder, all of which are essential components of a healthy, successful, and fulfilling life. Our art studio also introduces children to important concepts, such as shapes and colors, and is just plain fun! Our instructors provide guided arts and crafts projects for every holiday, from ornament-making for Christmas to egg-dyeing for Easter. By the end of the year, you will have plenty of handmade mementos from your child’s time at Premier Christian Academy that you’re sure to cherish for a lifetime.

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Soccer at Premier Christian Academy is one of the highlights of not only our physical education programming, but our childcare activities in general. Soccer not only helps children stay in shape and develop fitness skills that will last them a lifetime, but it also teaches them to be a team player. At Premier Christian Academy, we make it our priority to nurture every child’s soccer/athletic skills,whether they’re new to sports or on an extracurricular team. 
With the guidance of our childcare professionals, soccer will help boost your child’s self-confidence and perhaps even expose them to a new activity that could become a lifelong passion. It also provides a great outlet for shy children to develop socialization skills in a manner that doesn’t require words. Sportsmanship, friendship, and fitness — who could ask for anything more



There’s a reason why little ones love the gymnastics program here at Premier Christian Academy! In addition to teaching them about fitness and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, gymnastics also can help improve kids' gross motor and fine motor skills, which are essential parts of healthy childhood development. When your child participates in gymnastics, they will develop better coordination and body awareness, greater flexibility, and more core strength. All of these things will help lead them on the path of lifelong health.

The benefits of gymnastics go beyond just physical development, however. Like soccer, gymnastics at Premier Christian Academy can help boost your little one’s self-confidence as they progress through skills. With each step on the balance beam, mat, or one of our many other gymnastics equipment, your child will develop a greater sense of themselves and what they’re capable of. 

While your child may at first express fear over participating in gymnastics, our teachers will make it their duty to listen to these fears and help them overcome them by setting attainable goals — a task that goes hand-in-hand with building self-confidence. Your child will soon see that things they once thought were impossible can actually be done with just a little bit of patience, confidence, and courage. 

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At Premier Christian Academy, we know that there’s no better way to get young minds and bodies moving than with dance! Our dance programming is an essential part of our childcare curriculum, and, unlike at other preschools and childcare centers, all children’s dance classes are taught by instructors with bona fide experience in ballet, tap, and other kinds of dance. 

Dance at Premier Christian Academy will introduce your child to fun, age-appropriate music and movement that they’ll be eager to share with you when they get home. By bringing together songs, rhythms, patterns, and actions, dance helps nurture growing brains in ways that other activities simply cannot. In addition to fostering your child’s physical skills — such as agility, flexibility, balance, and coordination — it also provides them with an outlet for self-expression, creativity, and imagination so that they can learn how to have fun and build confidence in an exciting new way. 

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When it comes to all the fun activities for kids, toddlers, and babies that we offer here at our early learning center in Northlake and Murphy, the examples above are  only the beginning! In addition to soccer, gymnastics, technology lab, art studio, dance, academic learning, Bible study, and indoor/outdoor play, we also regularly provide guided, age-appropriate activities such as:

Music and Hymns
Science and STEM activities

Sensory Activities
Holiday - and seasonal-themed activities

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You’ve come to the right place! At Premier Christian Academy, we offer exceptional early childhood education for children, toddlers, and infants from the ages of 6 weeks to 12 years. No matter matter whether you’re looking for someone to watch the kids after school, you want to get your four-year-old prepared for Kindergarten, or you’re simply in search of a high-quality Christian education for young children, Premier Christian Academy has got you covered. Contact our childcare team today to get started

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